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Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors. As a guy who grew up with the adventures of Indiana Jones and the Star Wars saga, it was an easy decision for me to watch the new Blade Runner movie. The review will be spoiler-free so you can read it even if you have not seen it yet.

The good things

The main character was played by Ryan Gosling and I think that he did a very good job, even though it was not one of his usual roles. The rest of the cast was also pretty good. I was particularly surprised (in a good way) by Jared Leto’s performance.

Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Rick Deckard was also pretty accurate. Even though it’s been over thirty years since the first movie, he was able to jump again in the shoes of Deckard and the new movie had the same atmosphere as the previous one.

The dialogue was also very good. There were times where it was a bit weak, but that was only in the beginning of the movie. However, since most of the actors were not portraying real human beings, I guess that’s how it was intended to be.

The special effects were amazing, and you can see that they took a lot of time perfecting them. At the end of the movie, there is a scene with Harrison Ford, where the CGI was a bit prominent, but that’s about it. Everything else was on point.

From a cinematography standpoint, Blade Runner 2049 will probably be one of the best movies of the year. This should not come as a surprise – after all, it’s a Ridley Scott movie.

The bad things

The that the movie was very long. Yes, the storyline was somewhat complicated and had a fair share of twists. But still, two hours and forty-three minutes were just too much. Some people left the cinema hall before even Ford showed up.

My second complaint will be about the soundtrack. Although it was very good, there were times when the music was way too loud. However, this is a personal preference, and you should take this with a grain of salt.

The other thing that disappointed me a bit was with Harrison Ford’s role. The trailer suggested that he would have a bigger part in the film. Ford showed up after the bigger part of the plot was revealed. I don’t know, probably they used a lot of the budget (which is estimated to be around $185 mil) for the effects.

The verdict

When you see a great movie, you are not watching anything else but the screen, and your attention is set on the movie. This did not happen with Blade Runner 2049. I probably checked the notifications on my phone at least three times during the screening. The movie was very long and had some prolonged scenes.

Usually, the sequels of highly rated movies are not up to the standards that were set by the first instalment. However, this movie was good. It was a nice continuation from the previous one and it did finish on a good (hopeful?) note. It is definitely one of the better films of 2017 and I recommend you watch it.

My score: 7/10

PS. One of the reasons I like Harrison Ford:

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