First Steps with Arduino

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When I was a little boy, I liked to disassemble my stuff – toys, phones, laptops, hair dryers (..yup),  you name it. I wanted to know what’s inside, how it works and why it works the way it does. I even fixed some of the broken stuff that I had (of course, stuff that I broke myself trying to find out what’s inside them). Even now, if something in my car starts malfunctioning, I will try to fix it myself first. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I became a software developer and have an engineer’s degree.

What’s this all about

My brother and I purchased an Arduino Uno with the intention to make some cool stuff in our free time. I am proudly presenting you the first thing that we did:

I know, it’s not much. However, I plan to keep a record of everything we do on the blog and that way I can keep you posted on every “amazing” thing that we create. I am not sure what is the next step but we plan to design and create a fully functioning quadcopter. We will see how it goes. If we do it, the next step will be to make a lightsaber.

PS. Just kidding. I know it’s not possible to make a lightsaber.

PS 2. We will try, though.

PS 3. I don’t like this song.

PS 4. In case you did not recognize the song, it is called Despacito.

PS 5. You can obviously see that there aren’t any details on how this was built. However, this is pretty basic, and I decided that it wasn’t worth creating a guide. For the next things, however, I will try to provide as much information as possible.

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