Geostorm – If you have nothing else to do, then sure, check it out

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I am a huge fan of the sci-fi genre. With that said, even though I have not heard of this movie, when my brother suggested we go see itI agreed without watching the trailer or even knowing what it is about.

The actual movie

The plot is pretty simple. The global climate becomes very bad, and the countries around the world join forces to create a network of satellites in order to fix it. However, things turn bad when someone starts to use the network as a weapon against the enemies. To put it short, nothing original or interesting. It is a mixup between Armageddon, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow.

Gerard Butler is playing the protagonist in the movie, and he is doing what he usually does – he is the alpha male and despite his shortcomings, in the end, he saves everyone. Since this is not the first time we see Butler playing that kind of a character, he did his job pretty good. Even had some funny lines.

Andy Garcia is also in the movie, portraying the President of the United States. He had a small role with just a couple of lines, which were delivered perfectly. I can say the same for Ed Harris, who played the Secretary of State. Both actors did not show their full potential, mostly because of the weak plot of the movie.

I am not gonna say who the antagonist is because it will be a spoiler. However, if you watch closely, you will notice it right at the moment you see him/her.

The movie had fantastic special effects and if you go to see it, you will be visually entertained, for sure. However, if you want to see a movie for its special effects, go with Transformers. Geostorm is labelled as a thriller in the IMDB website, and to my opinion, it was not. 


If you like that kind of movies, you will surely like it. However, I think it’s not worth watching it more than once. You know exactly what is going on throughout the entire movie. The fact that a movie about a global disaster is coming up just when there are numerous disasters around the world did not help much too.

When the movie finishes, you are left with the impression that you wasted nearly two hours of your life. Yes, this is a bit harsh but here’s why: In yet another movie, the greatest country in the world is saving the world from a disaster, which they caused in the first place.

Still, if you are not tired of that kind of movies, you will like it. The movie does have amazing visual effects, and the plot is not moving slow. Also, you will see Rio de Janeiro’s beaches frozen (sorry for the spoiler…it looked cool, tho).

PS. I intend to keep the movie reviews for a while, so I plan to make my own rating system, which I will use to rate the movies and make the posts more interesting. Let me know if you have any ideas!

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