Google Pixel 2 – First Impressions

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Google’s new line of smartphones – Pixel 2 – was just released and I decided to drop a couple of lines about it. I will talk only about the bigger model since it is the one that got my interest.


The design on the back is a matter of personal choice, and some people will like how it looks. However, I am not a fan of the metal unibody because it does not allow you to use wireless charging.

The front side looks a bit weird to me. Although it has a slim top and bottom bezels, they are noticeably bigger than the ones in V30 and Note 8. Still, it looks like a 2017 device, unlike the iPhone 8.


With Pixel 2 you get the newest Android version, which is called Oreo. Furthermore, the updates will be timely pushed, meaning that the device will be updated regularly.

It has slim bezels, and at the same time, two frontal stereo speakers. What more do you want from a smartphone released in 2017?

The screen is pLED with excellent contrast and has an Always-On-Display. It should be (I hope) comparable to the one in S8/Note8.

It should have a good battery life. The device has a 3,520 mAh capacity, and with the optimizations in Android O, it should last a whole day. Additionally, it does support quick charging, and you do not need to buy additional accessories in order to use it (hey, Apple, referring to you).

The Camera should be really, really good. According to DxOMark, the score that Pixel 2 got is just 2 points short of 100.  The new Pixel trumps both the iPhone 8 and the Note 8, which received a score of 94. And that’s with just one camera.

Pixel 2 now has water and dust resistance. Pretty neat feature if you have the old Pixel and you are looking for reasons to upgrade.


As I have said before, the metal unibody design removes the possibility to implement a wireless charging feature on the device. This is a no-go for me. Ever since I got my Galaxy S6 couple of years ago, I became a huge fan of it, and now I have wireless charging pads in every room in my home and even at work. It is very convenient, and now the new iPhone has it too.

It has no audio jack. That is funny because they bashed Apple for removing it when the first Pixel lineup was released last year.

Google should have pushed six gigs (or eight, like in OP5) instead of just four. Why? If you watch almost every comparison between Samsung’s S8+ and Note 8, you can see that those extra two gigs of RAM on the Note are helping a lot.

It does not have a microSD slot, which means that if you plan on making a lot of 4K videos, you have to go for the 128GB model, which goes over $900.

To Sum Up

Pixel 2 is a very good phone. It is a good continuation of the old series. According to the initial reports, it has a killer camera and superb performance.

If you want to have the purest Android experience, then Pixel 2 is definitely for you. If you are also a fan of Google Assistant, you will like the neat features that are included in the device. However, with alternatives like Samsung’s Note 8 and LG’s V30, it looks a bit outdated and probably something that might have been released at the beginning of 2017 instead of its end.

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