iPhone 8 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Low Light Shootout

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The plan for today was to go outside and make cool photos of the city I live in (Sofia, Bulgaria). However, it is raining all day, which forced me to go to plan B – low light comparison of both cameras.

I am not gonna list you all the hardware differences behind the cameras, you can find that on the Web. So let’s just jump into it!


Nothing special here, I am using both cameras in automatic mode, with no additional settings. Furthermore, the images are not edited in any software so you can see exactly how the phones processed them.

First Comparison

iPhone 8 Plus – Shot 1
Samsung S8 Plus – Shot 1

This is a frontal view of a decorative pumpkin, shot in a horizontal mode. You can clearly see that the image of the Galaxy phone is a bit darker and has more details around the eyes of the pumpkin. The background on the left photo, however, looks more natural to me. Overall, for my untrained eyes, the image looks good on both smartphones.

Second Comparison

iPhone 8 Plus – Shot 2
Samsung S8 Plus – Shot 2

This is a view from above of the same pumpkin, again, shot in a horizontal mode. Both photos look somewhat the same, at least the pumpkin does. On the Galaxy photo, you can see the more colors and the image appears more vivid. However, I prefer the result that came out from the iPhone.

Third Comparison

iPhone 8 Plus – Shot 3
Samsung S8 Plus – Shot 3

Both images are in a portrait view (not to be confused with the new “Portrait” mode on the iPhone). The coin looks good on both images. You can notice, however, that my hand has more details on the image produced by the Samsung phone. I cannot pick a winner here, so tell me what you think!


If I have to be honest, I cannot pick a winner. Both devices are taking great photos and you cannot go wrong here. I did make a couple more photos, but there were not any noticeable differences between the 8 Plus and the S8 so I decided that three pictures should be enough for a decent comparison.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.


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